***RED BARGAINS*** (and one white)

This is a diverse collection of Old World Reds that significantly outperform their price.  These wines were tasted in a lineup with a $16 Super Tuscan at the top of the price points.  While our tasting panel of 6 had different opinions of their personal favorites, We all agreed that each wine included in this collection had noteworthy character that would appeal to the broader market - i.e. you and your wine-loving friends!

We suggest that you try one of each, invite some friends and pick your favorites.  At $131 for all 9 wines, ($115 for the 8 reds) this exercise will not break the bank.  While, this "drinking game" is not as competitive as Beer Pong or Quarters, it will provide a fun evening of spirited conversation and debate without the need for cheap beer and Solo Cups.

***Note to the hosts:  Participation trophies will not be necessary.  In this game EVERYONE wins!


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