2015 Henri Darnat Bourgogne Blanc "La Jumalie"

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A beautifully balanced wine from the outstanding 2015 vintage.  This wine is showing amazingly well at this point in its evolution.  You will not find a better value in an entry-level White Burgundy. 


About Henri Darnat:

The business of managing vineyard activity has been practiced in the Darnat family since the 19th century. Vineyard owner, Henri Darnat has been at the head of the family vineyards since 1985. During the 1990's, Henri and his wife Marion started the negociant business which has allowed them to offer a wide range of Burgundy wines. Henri Darnat, says that making great wines requires patience and “the courage to wait”; waiting for optimum ripeness to time the harvest as the September weather can be changeable, waiting on the wines as they ferment with their own natural rhythm barrel by barrel, waiting and tasting the wines so they are bottled at their optimum point of purity and liveliness. The result of the pride he takes in his work is that his wines are represented on some of the best restaurant lists of France and the world.