Alié Rosé 2020 (CLOSEOUT)

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Rumor has it that when Frescobaldi set out to make a rosé that was French in style with an Italian soul, they consulted with the winemakers at Whispering Angel in Provence.  

The wine is an assemblage of Syrah, an international varietal that forms the base of many fine rosé wines.  But they added Vermintino, indigenous to Italy, and specifically, Tuscany. The Alie, could be called the first "Super Tuscan" rosé.  

Alìe 2020 shows a beautiful pale pink color. The nose shows intense fruity and floral scents such as peach, rose and peony. Citrus notes balance perfectly with the floral note and add a wonderful crispness to the wine. 

The aromas carry through on the palate.  But the palate also reveals a delicate perception of aromatic herbs such as thyme and sage. Despite a very restrained 12% ABV, the Alie coats the palate and bursts with flavor.  The seaside locality of the Vermintino vineyards shine through with a really pleasant salinity on the finish. 

The folks at Whispering Angel might have wished they didn't give such good winemaking advice to their Italian counterparts. 


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