Christopher Ruhland - Guided Champagne Tasting and Book Signing

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An Evening with

Christopher Rhuland, WSET Diploma

Author of 

"Press for Champagne, A Guide to Enjoying the World's Greatest Sparkling Wine"

Winner of the Literary Titan Gold Book Award
Winner of the Readers' Favorite Book Contest Gold Medal
Finalist for the Next Generation Indie Book Award

Champagne is the most magical of wines and the most misunderstood. A glass of Champagne delivers joy, amusement, conviviality, and jubilation, making drinking Champagne one of life's great pleasures. Champagne is not so much meant for celebrations as it is a gift that generates celebration on demand.

Yet few wine drinkers truly know Champagne well enough to seize the joy they could be drawing from it. Champagne marketing and labels often confuse more than they inform. And understanding the different styles, types, and producers of Champagne - and how they align with your own personal preferences - can seem like a daunting task.

"Press for Champagne" leads you through a personal discovery of Champagne that removes the barriers to maximizing the joy Champagne has to offer you. Entertaining, informative, organized, and clear, Press for Champagne takes you on a journey through the broad array of Champagnes available to today's drinkers. It shows you, through examples, how and why Champagnes differ and how to understand them, giving you the tools to develop your own preferences and explore further. This is a drinker's guide to Champagne. Press for Champagne accompanies you on an adventure that will enhance your appreciation of Champagne and the pleasure you receive from it.

Dear Friends, 

I recently dined at t restaurant in London named, "Bob Bob Ricard".  In each booth there is a button that says, "Ring for Champagne".  (You might have seen a picture of this button on the "Bubbles" page of the Killer Vino Website.) You can't not ring the bell.  So we rang the bell...often.

Promptly, a sommelier would appear at our table with an impressive list of Champagne by the glass.  In our celebratory mood, we ordered Dom Perrignon, which was served by the sommelier in strict adherence to the protocols of fine wine service from a Magnum. This experience came at a far more reasonable cost than you might think, especially with the current exchange rates! 

A very good friend, Rob Clark, who hosts the podcast "Food, Wine, and Whiskey in Your Own Backyard" sent me the pic of the cover of the book that you see above.  He said, "I met this "guy" on Twitter.  I immediately checked out his book on Amazon.  When the author mentioned Bob Bob Ricard in the second sentence, I knew I had to meet him. 

Chris and I met over the phone today and we were immediately kindred spirits in our love of Champagne, and our passion for life.  Knowing that his expertise would be of interest to the KV Y-NOs, I asked if he would guide a tasting at Brix and Mortar.  Despite a full agenda that has him speaking for groups around the US, he found an opening in his schedule. 

Chris will join us in Houston on Thursday, November 17th to talk about Champagne, his book, and to guide you through a fun and informative discovery of all things Champagne. 

The event will be limited to 30 guests.

Chris will discuss all things Champagne as he will guide you through a lineup of 5 Champagnes that represent a variety of styles.  He will help you train your palate to distinguish the unique characteristics of each style of wine.


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