Division-Villages Pinot Noir "Methode Carbonique" 2021, Willamette Valley

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Does anyone remember when the learned wine community dictated that any "respectable" wine program must have at least 4 Gruener Veltliners on the menu?  I'm not knocking a good Gruener.  But do you really need 4? 

Fast forward a decade - Natural wines are all the rage.  Man, you haven't lived until you sit with a group of erudite wine aficionados and contemplate how "cool" a wine is because it was made from grapes cultivated on an ancient burial ground that were fermented in an unwashed Etruscan Amphora.  This makes a wine interesting.  But it doesn't make a good wine.

 If anyone is trying to sell you a (whole bottle of) wine and the first descriptor that they use is "cool" or "interesting" JUST SAY NO.

I wasn't told that this wine was a natural wine until after I had tasted it.  The conversation was something like -

Me - Ah, Willamette Pinot.

Winemaker - Yeah

Me - Damn, this is good.

Winemaker - Yeah

Me - I'll take a case.

Winemaker - Cool.  Oh, by the way, this is a natural wine. 

Me - Hmmm. Interesting. 

So, before I say that this wine is cool or interesting -

Despite being a light-bodied wine with only 12.5% ABV, it popped in the lineup.  It was expansive on the palate with fresh and vibrant red fruit, subtle spices, and a distinct minerality. 

The winemaker left me with about a third of the bottle and my initial impression was reconfirmed as a kicked my shoes off and watched a couple of episodes on "Les 7 Vies de Léa" (The 7 Lives of Léa) on Netflix. 

This is a natural wine that is definitely not "natty".  And I am looking forward to having another bottle this weekend. 



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