Domaine Couly-Dutheil Chinon "Baronnie Madeleine" 2019

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Domaine Couly-Dutheil "Baronnie Madeline" 2016, Chinon. - For the record, Chinon is 100% Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley.  The Madeline was the first Chinon that I ever tasted.  It set the bar pretty high, because there haven't been many (if any) Chinon that I like as much. La Baronnie Madeleine is bottled only in top-quality vintages, only after a blind tasting confirms its success. If the blind tasting does not show the wine to be superior, the wine is incorporated into the lesser cuvées and not bottled separately as Baronnie Madeleine. The cuvée, named for the winemaker's grandmother, represents the style of the "Feminine Ideal:" richness and elegance. The wine must be round, charming, and complex with elegant and rich tannins to ensure good aging potential. 

Serving Note: Chinon shows best when chilled slightly more than other reds. 


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