Feudi di San Gregorio Ros' Aura 2020, Campania (CLOSEOUT)

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I approached this wine with a healthy dose of skepticism.  After all, a rosé of Aglianico from Campania is way outside the norms of a classic rosé from Provence.  The intense nose with a dollop of strawberry that was impossible to miss immediately caught my attention. On the palate, raspberries, cherries, and any other red fruit that you might find delicious popped.  It's juicy and clean at the same time - Adult Hawaiian Punch. 

You wouldn't pick this up unless someone told you to try it.  I'm tellin' ya - Try it!

You will find it on my rosé rack next to the Ott by Ott and the M by Minuty.

Try it with salami, sausage, and semi-hard cheeses. 


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