La Marchigiana Criolla 2020

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According to Laura Catena, this wine is the continuation of a tradition that her Great Grandfather Nicola Catena carried from his home in Marche, Italy.  Made from the native Criollo grape, this is wine in its purest form.  There are no sulfites added and the wine is preserved only by its own tannins.

I am not on the natural wine bandwagon, telling folks they should drink a wine because it is interesting.  Honestly, this is one of the most quaffable natural wines that I have tasted and certainly the best in recent memory.  Technically, this wine is a rosé.  By its color, it could be called an orange wine.  Served slightly chilled it was light.  With food, it became evident that the wine actually has an underlying structure which was unexpected. 

The wine was perfumed and clean, absent of any of the rusticity that can be associated with natural wines.  Enigmatically pleasant!



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