Vinea Malvasia/Orvieto (Use for Champagne) 11 3/4 oz (Case of 6)

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The Vinea Malvasia/Orvieto glass is a perfect size for crisp whites, Rieslings, or sparkling wine.  It stands 8.5 inches with a volume of 11.75 ounces.  If you are considering this as a sparkling wine glass, please be aware of the height.  This glass does not stand as tall as a typical flute. Unless you are dead-set on a matching set of glasses, please consider the Etoile Sparkle for your sparkling wine.  It is by far the best glass for bubbles. 

The Vinea is the most unique stemglass on the market.  The shape is designed to highlight the sensory perceptions of the wine contained in the vessel. To read more about the amazing technology that goes into the Vinea design click here.


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