"The Poppone" Poppone Red Gift Ensemble

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This special red wine is from the Friuli region in Northeastern Italy.  It is made in the Passito style, where a portion of the grapes are allowed to dry for a period of time to concentrate the sugars.  This process adds richness and intensity to the wine.  This is the same technique used in the production of Amarone.  This is a big wine which needs an ample glass.  Originally designed for a Michelin-Star restaurant in Pairs,  The fine Italian crystal glasses paired with this wine are generous in size.  In fact, they will hold an entire bottle of wine, sans a few drops.  If your wine regimen is limited to a single glass of wine each day, this a a fantastic solution!  But our recommendation is to fill them just past the shoulder, where the wine will have a generous surface area to aerate an release its power.  Glasses are encased in a deep-red organza. 

The glasses are sold in cases of 6.  For more information click HERE.

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