Raventos i Blanc de Nit Rosé, Cava Brut N/V

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I am always on the lookout for a great sparkling rosé that is a good candidate for everyday drinking, (or drinking every day if you like).  

This lovely traditional method sparkling rosé is a delicate salmon color.  You should be surprised to learn that the color of the wine comes from the Monastrell grape (Mouvedre in French), not Pinot Noir as is the case with most all Champagne-styled wines. 

With 18 months on the lees, it is rich with an almost sensual creamy texture and impeccable balance.  Each bottle carries a disgorgement date, which indicates the date that the lees were removed from the bottle and the permanent cork closure was inserted into the bottle. This in addition to a vintage designation is uncommon if not unheard of in a wine at this price.  I wouldn't be surprised if you thought wine was as good or better than many entry-level bottlings of Champagne. 

It will NOT disappoint. 


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