Knives by l'Artigiano Cotelli Scarperia

The blades of these knives are forged by the artisans at the workshop of l'Artigiano Coltelli di Scarperia.  Scarperia is known as "The City of Knives" due to its reputation and tradition of producing knives throughout history.   I literally had to fold in the mirrors of my Citroen Aircross to navigate some of the streets in the tiny Tuscan village.

The handles are hand-made from exotic materials.  Each knife is a work of art and an objet d'intérêt .  These deft carving tools will add a luxury aesthetic to your table setting and the story of their origins will provide an interesting story to delight your hungry guests. 

***The blades of these knives are consistent in appearance and size, The wooden handles will vary in the appearance of the wood grains.  Handles from ox, deer, and other exotic horns will vary in shape, color, and pattern.  All animal materials are ethically obtained and are in compliance with all regulations specified by US Customs and Fish and Wildlife Department for this type of material. 

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