Delaporte Sancerre Silex 2021, Loire Valley

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This is my hands-down favorite Sancerre.  I say it again and again a Silex Sancerre is well worth the few extra $$ you pay over a village-level Sancerre. 

Tasting Notes :

Pale gold in colour, the Silex Blanc is an elegant embodiment of sauvignon blanc characteristic of the Sancerre region, with a nose of little white flowers. In the mouth it is silky, round and delicate, with a pleasing richness and complexity on the back palate. It has a good balance between alcohol and acidity levels in the mouth, marked with mellow notes of wood (acacia, well-ripened exotic fruits, with minerals in the background). Balance and refinement are the underpinnings of the Cuvée Silex.

Food Paring: The Cuvée Silex is better suited to refined dishes, such as:

  • Firm-textured saltwater fish with traditional French sauces
  • Coquilles Saint-Jacques
  • Lightly seared foie gras
  • Poultry or veal escalope in cream sauce
  • With various cheeses.


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