Tikves Bela Voda, Macedonia 2017

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Even if this Macedonian beauty would be considered "exotic" by the somm community, there is no need to lead this wine's description with the words "interesting" or "cool". (Even though it is both interesting and cool.)

A 50/50 blend of indigenous Macedonian varietals Plavec and Vranec.  This wine is inky and opaque in the glass.  Full-bodied, with abundant blue and black berry fruit, spiced with a sensuous sandalwood note, it has crunchy acidity that refreshes the palate providing an excellent foil to balance the wine's density. 

I don’t know the protocol for quoting yourself.  But this is what I had written when I first introduced this wine to you.  I stand by it.

Upon opening the bottle, I was immediately impressed.  The wine is densely pigmented.  Aromas of wild dark berries and sandalwood fill the glass.  On the palate, the wine is rich, but not heavy.  The palate bursts with ample fresh and crunchy fruit.  There is just enough of a dusty tannin to give the wine a nice, mid-weight structure.  The finish is complimented by a bit of mineral and again, sandalwood.  This wine is a winner!


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