Mouth-blown Artisanal Tumblers "Mares" (Set of 6)

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These magnificent 10 1/2 oz tumblers are mouth-blown and hand-made from colored glass paste with a surface covered in decorative textures and vibrant color blends.  Each piece is a one-of-a-kind objet d'art that exudes elegance with a whimsical twist.  These tumblers will brighten any celebration and add a touch of colorful beauty to your collection of cherished service pieces.

Measurement: Just under 4" H, Just under 3.25" Diameter - Actual size will vary slightly for each piece.

Here is the BIG disclaimer:

The glasses are packed randomly. The pictures are examples of the range of designs that you might find in a case of 6 glasses.  It is unlikely that you will receive the exact combination of designs that are pictured in each group. If you purchase multiple cases of glasses, you may find some glasses that are similar.   As I open more cases, I continue to find designs that I haven't seen before. 

Variations in pattern, color distribution, shape, and size are inherent in the nature of this hand-made glassware.  The lips are irregular, and the height of each tumbler varies.  If you are OCD and looking for symmetrical, cookie-cutter glasses, the Mares collection will drive you crazy.  If you like beauty, adventure, and games of chance, these are perfect for you. 


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