Dirupi Valtellina Superiore DOCG 2018 (Closeout)

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Located in Lombardia at the base of the Alps, Valtellina is the only appellation outside of Piemonte for Nebbiolo that has achieved DOCG status. The environment for grape cultivation in Valtellina is marginal at best.  The grapes are planted on terraced vineyards with perfect southern exposure.  The Adda River that runs parallel to the vineyards also helps moderate the temperature to an extent.  Valtellina is a testament to the fact that places where vines have to struggle give rise to excellent wines.  

I was able to grab a small amount of the Dirupi Valtellina Superiore on closeout.  This will provide an awesome opportunity to try the wine from a respected producer.  

This wine is classic Nebbiolo with a lovely bouquet of rose petals and dried herbs, marjoram was the first that came to mind.  It's crazy, but I also detected a hint of stone on the nose as well.   The wine has deceptive weight.  While it has the look of a light Burgundy in the glass, the firmness of the Nebbiolo tannins quickly dispel any suspicion of Burgundy.  With 14% ABV, the wine shows ripeness and viscosity on the palate. Valtellina needs a few years to unwind due to the coolness of the region.  With nearly 7 years of age, this wine is in a really nice point of its evolution. 

I've seen this wine priced at $60+.  I have a nice deal for 39/Bottle



The first thing that strikes you with any Dirupi wine is the soaring, ethereal florals. For this 2018 it's no different, crushed red petals and dried herbs blend with citrus peel and a deeper pitched minerality, not found in the Ole. The palate is svelte and the sweet red-berry-fruit is accented by subtle oak spice notes and mineral salts. While the overall feel on the palate is lithe, the flavours are closely packed-in and create a lingering feeling of concentration and gravitas. Another beautiful wine from this producer and one that plays to the beauty of the variety. MICHAEL MCNAMARA


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