Ferghettina Franciacorta Saten 2016

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Franciacorta Saten embodies the elegance and creaminess of the finest and most delicate vineyards of the company's wine-making panorama. It is bottled at a lower pressure that traditional Franciacorta, or Champagne) - 4.5 ATM as opposed to 6.5-7 ATM.  This produces a wine that is silky and smooth on the palate, thus the designation "Saten", which means Satin in Italian.  For the cuvee of this Franciacorta, we select the Chardonnay is selected from 20 different vineyards located in 6 municipalities of Franciacorta.

The special shape of the bottle is patented by the Gatti Family.  While unique and beautiful in appearance, it is no gimmick.  The flat sides of the bottle increase the ratio of juice in contact with the lees during aging, which increases and accelerates the influence of the lees on the flavor profile of the wine. 


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