Gusto Rosé Balsamico 250 ml

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When I tasted this "condiment" on a slice of strawberry at Vinitaly in 2022, my palate burst with joy and enthusiasm.  My daughter and I agreed (perhaps with a tear in our eyes) that this was an amazing, unique flavor combination that neither of us had experienced.  This sounds like a great embellishment, but I assure you, this is how the experience unfolded.

The Rosé Balsamico has the expected tangy flavors of a vinegar, balanced with an unexpected sweetness that is not overpowering.  Did I mention, it is AMAZING with strawberries. We have mixed it with ice cream, and a number of other fruits with successful pairings.  It's great fun to experiment.

We bought a couple of bottles on the spot at Vinitaly to carry back with us.  Over the next few months, I treated the contents of my bottle like liquid gold.  Fortunately, it doesn't take a lot to enjoy the Rosé, just a dip.  With an inch left in my bottle, I made the journey to Italy in August 2022 to secure a stash that would satisfy my appetite and leave enough to share with friends. I met with the producer at their Acetaia, located between Modena and Emiligia Romagna to initiate a relationship to import their products. 

You will not find this product anywhere else in the US.  It is unique to Killer Vino. 

I am delighted to have received our first shipment of the Rosé Balsamico and an aged Balsamic vinegar condiment that is delicious and beautifully packaged. 

You gotta try this stuff.  I bet if it will bring tears to your eyes too! 


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