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The Bolle bowl can service as an ice bucket to chill your wine or a collection of beverages.  It has ample room for several bottles of wine with space to spare.  The bubble pattern on the bowl creates a very cool infinity effect that may leave you wondering if it an optical illusion, or the result of over imbibing.

The captivating design of the Bolle Bubble Bowl creates an infinity pattern of hundreds of bubbles inside each prism. It may leave you wondering if it is an optical illusion, or the result of one too many glasses of Champagne.  

To call the Bolle Bowl an "ice bucket" fails to describe the beauty of this piece.  When a sterling silver bowl is just too stuffy, this "luxury beverage chiller" will complement the modern table any dressy casual event, which is how most of us roll these days.   

Constructed of high transparency acrylic, this piece is extremely durable.  But, hand washing is always preferred.

This generous bowl will hold 5-6 bottles of wine.

Measurements: 11.8" Depth x 9.05" Height x 18.1" in Width 



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