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Etoile Sparkle (For Bubbles) (Case of 6)

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***Unfortunately, I have disappointing news.  These glasses are out of stock until further notice.  The factory in Italy has closed due to a shortage of the raw materials to make the glass. 

The Italesse "Sparkle" is the most unique and innovative glass for Champagne and sparkling wine that I have ever experienced.  I say "experienced" because I discovered the effect the brilliantly designed glass had on wine quite by accident. 

I was tasting  a beautiful Franciacorta Rosé with a customer.  I had just received samples of stemware from my import partner, so I decided to this would be an ideal opportunity to show the glassware and get feedback from real customers.

There was a lineup of 4 glasses, one of which was the Sparkle.  Before I had a chance to taste, my customer commented on how much more intense the aromatics of the wine were in the Etoile Sparkle glass.  The difference was undeniable - Stunning!! 

The key to the success of this design is twofold - First, the shape of the glass gives ample surface area at the bottom to maximize aeration while the chimney tapers to concentrate aromas at the opening.  Second, the most unique and innovative feature of this glass is the 7 "perlage" points at the bottom.  Each point provides a surface that releases the gas suspended in the wine.  Seven circular rings form at the top of the wine above each point.  

The Sparkle Glass is the perfect combination of wine glass and flute.  It releases aromatics and maintains effervescence.

the Etoile glasses are break resistant and dishwasher safe.  However, hand washing and drying with a soft cloth is always recommended for fine stemware.


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