Vinea Big Red 23 3/4 oz (Case of 6)

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This is a generous glass, perfect for Brunello and other big wines with a linear character.  This is a personal favorite of mine, as I really enjoy a big Sangiovese.  It stands 10 inches tall with a 23.75 ounce capacity. I have dropped this glass in the sink several times and I have been amazed that it survived.

The Vinea is the most scientifically engineered stemglass on the market.  The shape is designed to highlight the sensory perceptions of the wine contained in the vessel.  There is even a dimple at the bottom of the glass that enables you to see the actual color of the wine. 

If you are price shopping, please keep in mind this is a case of 6 glasses.

To read more about the amazing technology that goes into the Vinea design click here.