Luigi Giordano Barbaresco Cavanna 2019

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First, I will make a confession.  I didn't share much of the first case of this wine I received.  It was scratching my "I want Nebbiolo" itch so perfectly, that I never put it out on offer. 

Luigi Giordano, is by all definitions, a boutique producer in Barbaresco.  This wine is a unicorn as it is the ONLY bottling in Barbaresco that is from the cru Cavana.  I won't go overboard with technical information here.  If you want an easy-drinking Nebbiolo at a great price, this is a wine you should try.

Despite its youth, this wine is ripe, robust, and drinkable right out of the bottle.  The tannins are soft.  But the wine has plenty of structure to stand up to a nice ragout in a garlicky tomato sauce over pappardelle pasta.

I assure you, this wine is a steal at $39.


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