Luxury Corkscrew in Light or Grey Wood "Nebbiolo"

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The Nebbiolo Corkscrew has an elegantly formed wooden handle finished in satin gray or satin natural.  All metal parts, including the chevron detail on the spine are precisely fabricated in satin stainless steel. 

The double-hinged fulcrum of the corkscrew allows a very clean extraction of the cork, even the longer ones. This system offers a substantial mechanical advantage over old-style single-hinged corkscrews. The serrated foil cutter blade shapes perfectly to cut the bottle’s foil with ease. 

In comparison to an average corkscrew, the Nebbiolo is about 50% larger and weighted accordingly.  It is impressive to hold, leaving no doubt of its high-quality construction and durability

Each piece is presented in a cleverly designed package that resembles a book.  When opened, the Nebbiolo is revealed in a laser-cut compartment with fulcrum, foil cutter, and worm deployed.    

The combination of artistic detail and presentation of this highly functioning objet d’arte is sure to impress even the most well-traveled oenophile, making the Nebbiolo an ideal gift.

 ***Variations in pattern and color should be expected and are inherent to the nature of the natural products used in the fabrication of these fine instruments.  Every piece is unique.  This is a good thing.


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