Luxury Dinner Knives Rustic-Mixed Set (Set of 6)

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This eclectic mix of knives includes one each of Springbok, domestic Ox, European Red Deer, Wenge, Olive, and Cocobolo. the beautiful hand-made handles are shaped with a special curve that distinguishes the table knives made by Artigiano di Scarperia. 

Alessandro Conti and Fabio Gasparrini keep alive in their workshop the ancient craf of the cutting tools, following a century-old tradition and tireless gestures they create tools of daily use which value is beyond their use.

The attentive care of the details, the use of selected first quality materials with the craftsmanship and skill create unique and unrepeatable styles.

L’Artigiano di Scarperia represents the italian style standing out for its quality, innovation, creativity and for the perfect combination of tradition and modernity.

Our steak and table smooth blade knives are unique and give emotions, your eyes will be attracted and fashinated by their hand made design. The materials used are strong and natural to the touch. The perfect cut leave meat unchaged. The natural colors and the hand-made workmanship make them unique and inimitable.

Our steak and table knives are made using natural high-quality woods and horns such as ox horn buffalo horn. Fabio Gasparrini


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