Marco Porello Langhe Rosato DOC 2023

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The Italians, vehemently maintain the individuality of their wine culture.  There are wines that hail from Italy that will not be rivaled outside of Italy.  Have you ever had a warm-climate Sangiovese or Nebbiolo?  YUCK! 

The French also set the benchmark for certain wines.  Champagne and rosé are two that immediately come to mind. While the Italians would generally be resistant to following anything French when it comes to style. The winemakers that have embrace French "Style" in making rosé wine are making really great rosé.

The Marco Porello Langhe Rosato made from 100% Nebbiolo, undoubtedly has a Piemontese soul.  At first glance, the delicate salmon color of the wine leaves no doubt that there is a nod to French style in winemaking technique.  Aromas of white peach with a delicate raspberry undertone are also accented with the slightest touch of thyme.  It is light and crisp on the palate.  The finish is clean with a refreshing hint of salinity. 

This wine has an Italian soul, but speaks just enough French to make it relevant in any discussion about rosé. 

A good rosé, however, is seldom talked about. It just quietly lubricates our late afternoon conversations when we often solve the problems of the world and fail to take notes. :)


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