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Designed by the Italesse Glass Company in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy, Masterclass stemware was conceived as collection of professional tasting stems to suit a variety personal preference.  This versatile line of stemware comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. So, you can match the stem with how YOU like to enjoy a specific type of wine.  

These glasses are machine washable.  Although, I still recommend hand-washing and rinsing any wine glass.  The shoulder of the bowl is designed to have extra resistance to breakage.  The pulled stem also adds strength to where the bowl and stem connect.  These glasses are durable.  But by no means are they indestructible. 

***All glasses are sold in sets of 6***

Masterclass 22

The Masterclass 22 is perfect for a rich dessert wine or a digestif.  Either of which are generally served in a 2 oz pourIn addition, there is a cut point at the bottom of the glass to stimulate the release of bubbles in a Champagne or sparkling wine. 

Standing just under 8 inches in height with a 7.75 oz capacity, the elegant, sinuous lines of this petite glass are designed to enhance the both the sensory and aesthetic experience of your chosen beverage. 

Masterclass 48 and 50

The Masterclass 48 and 50 are similar in capacity, with subtle differences in shape that will vary in appeal depending on the specific types of wine you would like to serve.

(Pictured at the far left with white wine) The 48 measures slightly under 9.75" in height.  The capacity is 16.25 oz. The bowl is slightly taller and slimmer than the 50 and comes to a smaller opening that will concentrate the aromas of rosé, Riesling, or other delicate white wines.  It also has a laser-cut point at the bottom that will enhance the release of bubbles in sparkling wines. 

(Pictured in the middle with rosé) The 50 measures just under 9.25" in height and has a capacity of 17.25 oz.  The bowl is more rounded than the 48, giving a bit more surface area to aerate your wine and release aromas.  The 50 is probably a better all-purpose glass than the 48, as it is a nice size for both white wines and lighter reds.  But, it all comes down to personal preference. 

Masterclass 70

At nearly 10.25" in height, with a capacity of 24.25 oz, The 70 is ideal for full-bodied whites and younger reds. Again, this is a great all-purpose glass.  This glass as well as the Masterclass 90 are the most popular in this collection. 

Masterclass 90

This beast of a glass is well-suited for your best reds.  Whether it be a Hearty Burgundy, Barolo, or a big Cabernet, this 32 oz glass has plenty of real estate to oxygenate a full-bodied red.  We affectionately call the glass the "Big Gulp".  It stands 9.25" in height and has broad shoulders.  I love the shape and size of this glass.  It says "We are drinking something important." This glass as well as the Masterclass 70 are the most popular in this collection.


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