Morca Garnacha 2020, Campo de Borja

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Bodegas Morca was founded by the Gil Family in 2015 in the appellation of Campo de Borja in Aragón, Spain. The vineyards acquired had been owned by families for generations and was planted with Garnacha vines up to 87 years-old. The Gil Family has made it their mission to care for them as if their own ancestors had been the ones to plant them, going as far as to name the vineyards after their previous owners. A reminder of the sense of responsibility to the land and the community that defines the Gil Family projects.

Big, Juicy, Full-Bodied, loads of dark fruit.  Get a big glass and cuddle up to a fire with this one. 

The 247-acre estate vineyards are planted with head-pruned bush vines of old-vine Garnacha, ranging from 45 to 85 years old. Known as "The Empire of Garnacha," Campo de Borja is characterized by dense vineyards at an altitude of 1,500 to 3,000 feet above sea level. The soils are stony and ferrous clay, offering excellent drainage to deep clay layers, and the vineyards are located on the gentle slope coming down from the Moncayo Mountain, with good exposure to the sun, offering wines that are very complex, intense, and well-structured. Day to night temperature difference is extreme and rainfall is limited (13 in. to 17 in. at higher altitude). Very strong, dry winds whip through the region in the winter months, accelerating evaporation.

The grapes are hand-harvested in small baskets, and the free run juice and first press from each parcel are fermented separately in stainless-steel, open-top tanks before being transferred to French oak barrels for aging.

Through the aging period, which lasts between 6 and 22 months depending on the wine, the barrels are tasted repeatedly in order to decide which will make up each finished wine. It’s a fluid blending process, focused on showcasing the depth and complexity of the Garnacha grape and the Campo de Borja character.

These limited production wines are made with love and attention to the land, and a sense of pride and responsibility to those who’s hard work cultivated these vines.

The vast majority of the vineyards are dry-farmed, and all are farmed without the use of pesticides or herbicides, hand-harvested and vegan certified. The winery is solar-powered and off the electrical grid, zero-waste and LEED certified (energy-efficient, sustainable building design).


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