The Durand - Better than an Ah-so

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If you have ever experienced a cork from and aged bottle of wine breaking, or just plain disintegrating, I have found a solution.  The Durand cork remover is a combination of an ah-so, the ubiquitous go-to for removing old corks, and a traditional corkscrew.  We all know that a corkscrew cannot remove an old cork cleanly on its own.  However, when paired with the traditional ah-so, it provides added stability to the cork as the ah-so does its job. 

I have consulted with a number of sommeliers that have opened many bottles of long-cellared wine.  They were like, "Oh yeah, a Durand.  They're fantastic!"  Aparrently, there were plenty in the know far before I made this discovery.

There is not much more to be said about this ingenious wine tool other than "It Works!"

***Beware*** There are several websites which offer this product at below manufacturer's cost.  I almost bought from one of these sites.  I noticed that the URL was different than the branding on the webpage.  This raised a red flag.  I researched and determined that this and other site offering deals that are too good to be true are often malicious spoofs.  I opted to buy from the legitimate manufacturer.  If you decide to try out one of the questionable sites, please let me know your results.  


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